Don’t let that removed tree go to waste – turn it into something beautiful and functional! When you have a tree removed from your property, consider retaining the wood for your own creative purposes. The trunk, especially in larger sections, offers endless possibilities for backyard projects. Upcycling takes discarded materials and transforms them into something useful, rather than simply throwing it away or recycling it.

The sturdy and distinct characteristics of a tree trunk make it the perfect material for family-friendly upcycling projects. From painting to crafting to functional design, the possibilities are endless. Get inspired by exploring these project ideas, and let your imagination run wild as you brainstorm unique designs for your tree trunk upcycling endeavor.

Backyard Seats

Transform an old tree trunk into stylish seating options for your backyard with just a few simple cuts. Start by deciding whether you want a simple flat seat or one with a comfortable backrest. Cut into the trunk with a chainsaw to create an L-shape, and two seats will form naturally. Sand the surface to ensure a smooth and splinter-free seating experience.

Enhance the comfort of the seats by adding cushions and securing them in place with ties or a hot glue gun. These unique seats will add a touch of charm to any gathering spot in your backyard, such as a fire pit or outdoor lounge area.

Trunk Monster

Turn a tree trunk into a whimsical backyard decoration with a trunk monster. Utilize natural elements, such as branches and acorns, to craft the monster’s arms, eyes, nose, and mouth. Secure the branches in place with nails.

Add personality to the monster’s face with pine cones, small stones, and craft paint, and protect the design with a clear spray finish. Top the trunk with a creative hairstyle, like blades of grass or flowers, for a fun and friendly look. For larger trees, create multiple trunk monster designs.

Circular Canvas Pieces

Transform a fallen tree into a work of art with the help of a buzz saw or chainsaw. Cut the trunk into thin slices about half an inch thick, creating natural wood canvases for you and your family to unleash your creativity on.

A single large trunk can provide enough pieces for your whole family to paint, craft, and design on, taking advantage of the unique textures and patterns.

Acrylic enamel paint is the best choice for painting wood as it will produce vibrant colors that stay put. Unlike watercolor paints, acrylic enamel does not require multiple coats to show its true hues.

Once the paintings are complete, display your masterpieces in the house, garage, or even on the trunks of any remaining trees. Get creative and take it to the next level by turning a piece into a functioning clock. Simply drill a hole in the center and install a clock kit, and voila! You have a one-of-a-kind timekeeper made from your very own backyard.

For all your tree removal needs, look no further than R & R Tree and Landscaping. We’ll leave the trunk pieces and other tree elements for you to upcycle, so your creativity can run wild.