Land Clearing in Atlanta, GA

Our skilled team transforms overgrown and unusable properties into clear, functional spaces.

R&R Tree & Landscaping’s Land Clearing Services

Whether you’re preparing for new construction, expanding your yard, or improving the health of your land, R&R Tree & Landscaping offers expert land clearing solutions in Atlanta.

With our cutting-edge equipment, we can quickly and effectively clear land of trees and plants up to 9″ in diameter.

We offer cost-effective services in the Atlanta area that are mindful of the environment, with little soil disruption and zero burning of brush piles.

Our approach to land clearing and brush grinding leaves behind natural mulch that is earth-friendly, so you can be confident your property will stay healthy for years to come.

When it comes to land clearing, safety matters. Choose R&R tree trimming in Atlanta for quality work you can trust.

Professional Land Clearing Services

Our team delivers land clearing services to keep your yard beautiful, healthy, and a source of pride. Our certified experts will carefully assess your property and recommend the best course of action.

Comprehensive Land Clearing Services: R&R Tree & Landscaping removes trees, brush, stumps, and other obstacles to create a blank slate for any project. Whether you’re building, landscaping, or improving land health, our comprehensive land clearing services provide a clean, functional starting point.

Brush Clearing and Removal: Get rid of overgrown brush, invasive plants, and tangled undergrowth. Our efficient brush clearing and removal services open up your property, improve its appearance, and make it easier to manage and enjoy.

See why Atlanta homeowners trust R&R Tree Service.

Why Choose Expert Land Clearing

Sure, you could tackle land clearing yourself, but why risk the hassle and potential problems? Partnering with professionals like R&R Tree & Landscaping offers significant advantages:

Prepare your property for construction, landscaping, or other projects: We have the expertise to clear your land effectively to match your vision, ensuring a strong foundation for your building, landscaping, or other development plans.

Avoid Legal Headaches: Atlanta has specific regulations about land clearing. We’ll navigate the red tape and handle all the permits, so you don’t have to worry about fines or delays.

Land Care We Take Seriously: We prioritize sustainable practices, carefully removing what’s necessary and protecting the topsoil and surrounding environment. This ensures the long-term health and usability of your property.

Our Land Clearing Process

We believe in a transparent and collaborative approach to land clearing. Here’s how our process works:


Site Assessment and Consultation:

It all starts with a thorough evaluation of your property and a conversation about your goals. Do you want a completely clear lot? Space for a specific structure? To improve the land’s overall health? We’ll listen closely to understand your vision.

Custom Clearing Plan:

Recognizing that no two properties are the same, we craft a tailored plan that caters to your requirements. We take into account the terrain, vegetation, and your budget to ensure the best possible outcome for your property.

Safe and Efficient Execution:

Our experienced team utilizes specialized equipment and proven techniques to clear your land safely and with maximum efficiency. We prioritize protecting any structures or areas you want to keep intact.

Debris Removal and Cleanup:

We don’t just clear the land – we leave it tidy and ready for whatever comes next. We’ll haul away debris and ensure your site is prepared for its transformation.

Years of Experience

Your Land in Skilled Hands

At R&R Tree & Landscaping, we understand that land clearing isn’t just about moving trees and brush – it’s about transforming your property. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of true specialists:

Highly Trained: Our crew isn’t just handy with a chainsaw; they have the in-depth knowledge to assess your land, handle complex removals, and operate specialized equipment with precision.

Licensed and Insured: Your peace of mind is our priority. We carry all necessary licenses and insurance to protect you and our team.

Safety-Driven: Land clearing can be inherently risky. We implement rigorous safety protocols and procedures to minimize hazards on every job.

Focused on Results: We take pride in delivering exceptional land clearing services in Atlanta, exceeding your expectations for quality and professionalism.

See What Our Clients Are Saying

"We have used R&R Tree company twice in the past couple of years to remove trees from our property. They have done a fantastic job from start to finish. Communication throughout the entire process was very good and the tree removal process was quick. Their crew did an amazing job with the cleanup. Thank you!"

William C.

Transparent Pricing and Free Estimates

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Call Us Directly: Prefer to speak with someone right away? Give us a call at 678-482-9994 and we can discuss your tree concerns and schedule a consultation.

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We Offer Land and Brush Clearing Services for Any Job

  • Large and Small Acreage
  • Individual or Commercial
  • Pasture Reclamation
  • Elimination of Invasive Plant Species
  • Pipeline Maintenance
  • Fence & Survey Line Clearing
  • Pipeline Right of Way
  • Habitat Improvement
  • Site Clean Up
  • Subdivisions
  • Hiking/Riding Trails
  • Trails & Road Clearing
  • Home Site Clearing
  • Underbrush Removal
  • Hunting Access Lanes
  • Utility Easements
  • Utility Right-Of-Ways – ROW
  • Vegetation Management
  • Wildlife Habitat Restoration
  • Mulching of Brush Piles
  • Woodlot Beautification
  • Retention Pond Services


What is a professional land clearing service?

Professional land clearing service refers to the process of removing trees, brush, and other vegetation from a piece of land in order to prepare it for construction, agriculture, or other land use.

Why do I need professional land clearing services?

Professional land clearing services may be necessary to remove unwanted vegetation, prepare land for construction, create open spaces for agriculture or recreation, or maintain the health of existing vegetation.

What is the cost of professional land clearing services?

The price for professional land clearing services can vary widely, influenced by multiple factors including the dimensions of the property, the type of vegetation present, the area, and the amount of clearing needed. You can request a free quote here.

What should I look for in a professional land clearing service?

When selecting a professional land clearing service, look for a company that has experience and expertise in land clearing, uses environmentally-friendly techniques, has the necessary equipment and personnel, and is insured and licensed. At R&R Tree Service, we make sure that all necessary criteria are fulfilled and our extensive service to the Atlanta area for over 30 years showcases our dedication and reliability.

How does land clearing affect property value?

Land clearing has the potential to positively impact property value. Clearing land can enhance its appearance and make it more desirable to potential buyers, resulting in an increase in property value.

Can I clear my own land?

While it is possible to clear your own land, it can be a physically demanding and time-consuming task that requires specialized equipment and expertise. It is advisable to seek the assistance of a professional land clearing service like R&R Tree Service if you have any doubts about your ability to clear your land effectively and safely. This ensures that the task is performed properly while also avoiding any potential harm to the environment or other properties.

How does land clearing affect local wildlife populations?
Land clearing can have significant impacts on local wildlife. When vegetation is removed, habitats are disrupted or destroyed, which can lead to displacement or loss of wildlife. This can result in changes in animal behavior, migration patterns, and even endangerment or extinction of certain species. Some species may adapt to new conditions, while others may struggle to survive.
Are there alternative methods to traditional land clearing that are more environmentally friendly?
Yes, there are alternative methods that minimize the environmental impact of land clearing. These include selective clearing, where only specific vegetation is removed, and controlled burns, which can mimic natural processes and promote ecosystem health. Additionally, sustainable land management practices can be employed to reduce the need for extensive clearing, such as agroforestry and reforestation.
How does the use of a land clearing service impact soil health, and how can this affect future land use?
The use of a land clearing service can significantly impact soil health. When a land clearing service is employed, it often involves the removal of vegetation, which can lead to increased soil erosion, loss of organic matter, and changes in soil structure. This, in turn, can affect the ability of the land to support agriculture or other uses in the future. Proper land management practices, such as reseeding with cover crops or implementing erosion control measures after a land clearing service, can help mitigate these effects and preserve soil quality for future use.

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