Don’t overlook the signs of trouble in your trees. Early detection is key to resolving issues and preserving the health of your yard. Familiarize yourself with the following three tree problems that indicate an emergency situation and the need for immediate professional attention. You can work with landscape experts to ensure your yard remains thriving and beautiful by being attentive to your trees.

Stunted Growth

Why is one tree lagging behind the others in your row of trees? While variations in watering and sunlight are often blamed for differences in growth rate, there may be more serious underlying causes. Understanding these contributing factors is crucial in determining why a tree is struggling and what needs to be done to help it thrive.

A range of issues can impact plant growth, including simple factors like your yard’s watering habits and sun exposure, as well as more complex issues like tree viruses, root constriction, nutrient deficiencies, and ground compaction. To get to the root of the problem and ensure the health of your trees, it’s important to consult an arborist if you notice any growth issues.

Root constriction caused by nearby structures, pipes, or chemical barriers can prevent roots from spreading out, making it more difficult for the tree to access water and nutrients necessary for growth. Additionally, compaction caused by activities like parking a car near the tree can disrupt the movement of vital nutrients and impact the tree’s health and growth.

Healthy tree growth requires an adequate supply of essential nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, and nitrogen. If your soil is not in good condition, it may impact the tree’s ability to access these nutrients. If you have trees in your yard that appear stagnant in growth while others are thriving, it’s time to consult an arborist.

An arborist can perform a soil test and evaluate external factors to determine the cause of the growth issue. They can also provide recommendations on optimal lighting and watering requirements to promote healthy growth and bring your trees back to their full potential. Don’t let subpar soil conditions compromise the health of your trees. Consult a tree service specialist to ensure your trees receive the support they need.

Bark or Foliage Problems

Despite proper growth, trees can still experience problems that impact their appearance and ability to produce vital nutrients through photosynthesis. Issues such as insect damage, fungal infections, tree diseases, and even over-watering can result in a range of symptoms in the bark and foliage, including wilted leaves, dryness, peeling bark, or fluid seepage. Some bacterial diseases can cause leaves to appear scorched, while hard, bark-like funguses can alter the shape and texture of the bark.

It is crucial to address any changes in the appearance of your trees promptly. Contact an arborist as soon as you notice any irregularities. An arborist will inspect the tree for signs of pest infestations, such as wood-burrowing insects, and evaluate the condition of the leaves and bark to assess the tree’s health. Proactive measures may be taken to treat some conditions, but in severe cases, the arborist may recommend removal to protect surrounding plants. Don’t wait to seek professional assistance for your trees. Early intervention is key to maintaining their health and beauty.

Storm Damage

When strong winds and snowfall occur, even the healthiest trees can be affected. While robust trees can usually withstand harsh weather conditions, those that are already weakened by other factors may experience broken or fractured branches during a heavy storm.

Attempting to remove broken branches on your own is not recommended. Improper removal can weaken the tree’s structure, expose it to disease and pests, and even worsen the problem. A professional tree care specialist, such as an arborist, should be consulted in such cases. They are trained to evaluate the damage, remove branches in a hygienic manner, and help maintain the health and stability of the tree.

Don’t neglect the trees on your property. At R & R Tree and Landscaping in Atlanta, our licensed and ISA board-certified arborist is ready to diagnose and treat tree diseases quickly, preserving your landscaping investment. Don’t wait any longer to seek the treatment your trees need.