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Serving North Atlanta and Surrounding Areas
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Serving North Atlanta and Surrounding Areas

Lot Clearing

When you are ready to build, or you want to utilize a portion of space on untamed land, first you must clear the land to prepare for construction. Land clearing is a valuable service that readies the area for the site preparation crew to begin foundation work. In North Atlanta, we are blessed with an abundance of trees and wild vegetation. 
To begin any kind of construction work, first, a lot must be cleared of the trees, shrubs, vines, and bushes that occupy the space. This is an intensive operation requiring specialized heavy equipment suitable for the purposes, such as excavators, bush hogs, soil hogs, tractors, mulching saws, and oversized chainsaws.
Land clearing requires entire acreage to be cleared for subdivision, commercial developments, airports, farming, or municipal needs. R & R Tree and Landscaping is a professional lot or land clearing company with the right equipment, expertise, and skilled operators for the job. We understand the nature of the task, how to work with tight deadlines, and project goals. When you need a professional job completed on time and within budget, you need the services of R & R Tree and Landscaping. Contact us today for more information.
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