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Serving North Atlanta and Surrounding Areas

3 Tree Problems That Signal the Need for Emergency Service

Fallen Branches
You might get used to seeing little quirks in your plants that may actually be glaring signs of an underlying problem. By being able to spot differences early, you can work with landscapers to resolve any issue and protect your yard. Here are three tree problems that signal the need for emergency service and why you shouldn't put off calling in a professional.

1. Stunted Growth

You planted that row of trees on the same day, so why is the one on the end struggling to keep up with the rest of the group? Although many people chalk up growth rate problems as differences in watering or sunlight levels, there could actually be a darker cause for the change.
Plant growth can be affected by a long list of contributing factors, including simple things like your yard watering patterns and the directionality with the sun. However, tree viruses, root constriction, nutrient deficiencies, and even ground compaction can also cause problems with tree growth, which is why you should contact an arborist if you notice problems with a particular tree in your yard.
If your tree is planted in an area where the roots aren't able to grow freely because of nearby structures, pipes, or chemical barriers, that tree could have more difficulty branching out and finding the water and nutrition it needs to grow strong and tall. Likewise, issues like parking a car near the tree could compress the ground, leading to compaction that disrupts the movement of nutrients.
Trees also need nutrients like magnesium, potassium, and nitrogen to grow properly, which could be a problem if your soil isn't in good condition. Talk with an arborist if you have trees in your yard that seem to be staying the same size while others grow. In addition to testing the soil and looking at other external factors, arborists can also give you a better idea of the lighting and watering requirements to improve growth.

2. Bark or Foliage Problems

Unfortunately, even trees that grow properly can develop problems with their bark or foliage, which alter their appearance and their ability to transform sunlight into the nutrients they need for survival.
Insect damage, fungus, tree diseases, and even an excess of water can contribute to a long list of visible bark and foliage issues, including wilting leaves, dryness, peeling bark, or seeping fluids. Some bacterial diseases that impact trees can also make the leaves look scorched, and hard, bark-looking funguses can take over your tree and change the shape and texture of the bark.
If you notice any changes to the way your trees look, contact an arborist immediately. In addition to checking for pest infestations like wood-burrowing insects, arborists will also check the condition of the leaves and the bark to learn more about the health of the tree. While many conditions can be treated with proactive measures, your arborist may recommend removing the tree to protect nearby plants.

3. Storm Damage

When winds pick up and snow starts falling, trees can suffer the consequences. While healthy trees are flexible enough to stand strong against most issues nature can present, trees that are already compromised with other issues could endure cracked or fractured branches when a heavy storm passes through.
Instead of trying to resolve broken branches on your own, always consult with professional tree care experts. Improper branch removal could impact the structural integrity of the tree or open up the plant to disease or pest problems. Arborists are trained to carefully assess damage and remove branches in the most sanitary ways possible.
If the trees on your property have seen better days, don't wait another day to seek the treatment they need. Here at R & R Tree and Landscaping, our licensed, ISA board-certified arborist can quickly and efficiently diagnose and treat tree disease to help you preserve your landscaping investment.
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